Here you will find information for different departments and personnel in our Parish as well as addresses with links to maps.

Aqui encontrara informacion para contactar a differentes departamentos y personas en nuestra Parroquia y tambien nuestros domicilios.



Fr. Jesús Del Ángel –

Deacon Nai Her –

Deacon Kurt Neuhaus –

Deacon Cheng Her –

Deacon Kenny Figueroa,

Kim O’ Connor, Office Manager / Liturgical Coordinator –

Receptionist –

Bookkeeper –

Luis Gomez, Facilities –

Mitzi Torres, Religious Education / Educacion Religiosa –

Danieng Xiong, Hmong Religious Education –



Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church – 2838 N. West Avenue, Fresno

Hayes & McGovern Halls – 2818 N. West Avenue, Fresno

Our Lady of Victory Parish Center – 2850 N. Crystal Avenue, Fresno

Our Lady of Victory Catholic School – 1626 N Princeton Ave, Fresno